Bridging the gap

Oranges are citrus fruits which are rich in Vitamin C. Oranges are round-shaped fruits with orange finely-textured skins  with a pulpy flesh. They are mainly grown in the tropical areas. The fruit is normally eaten fresh or squeezed for its juice. Breakfasts are normally not complete without a glass of orange juice.


Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are the world's most common variety. Their name comes from the Spanish city if Valencia. They are thin-skinned, almost seedless, and perfect source of juice extraction. Valencia oranges turn to a golden colour as they ripen. Valencia oranges are the only variety that is are in season during summer.

Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges have a more thicker skin than their Valencia counteparts. The thick skin makes it easy for peeling and are not normally used for juice extraction as they can tun sour is not consumed immediately. The flesh is normally sweet and juicy. The word navel comes from the development of a secondary fruit at the end of the main fruit, which causes a belly-button look.