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Quality & Certification


Quality is an important factor in the fruit business. Our producers work hand and hand with professionals that perform quality controls during the whole process, from the production in the countryside up to the embarking at the ports.

We guarantee the high quality of our products by working closely with the producers, monitoring the agricultural process and reducing the post-harvest production times.

Agricultural technicians inspect the farms during the different stages of agricultural production, ensuring compliance with the necessary cultivation practices and preventative measures, including the selection of planting materials, the care involved with the cultivation and the use of plant protections to avoid fungus infections, bacterial infections, viruses and physiological sicknesses.

During the harvesting and post harvesting stages, professionals carry out periodic inspections to guarantee the appropriate handling of the fruit. During the post harvesting stage we work with quality inspectors who verify and supervise the sanitation treatments, fumigations, packing and transportation/loading of the fruit on the shipping transports.


The majority of the plantations possess Globalgap certification and all of them keep traceability records.